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A judicial finding that you have committed an act of domestic violence can have a devastating effect on the remainder of your life.  Regardless of whether the individual is seeking a restraining order or pursuing criminal charges.  Attorney Jane Weatherly represents individuals in both criminal and civil domestic violence cases.  Call (919)758-9296 now to schedule your free consultation.

Domestic Violence Court

Raleigh has a separate court division for civil and criminal domestic violence cases.  All civil domestic violence cases, also known as 50B cases, are handled in one courtroom. Civil cases are a request for a restraining order. The cases are initiated when an individual alleges that he or she is the victim of abuse and has a past or present familial or dating relationship with the defendant.  Criminal domestic violence cases are placed in criminal domestic violence court based upon the investigation of the police department.

No Drop Policy – Criminal Domestic Violence

A “no drop policy” means that the assistant district attorneys in the courtroom are typically not allowed to dismiss a case.  There is an enormous amount of pressure on elected officials to vigorously prosecute these cases.  It does not matter if the victim says that he or she does not want to prosecute.  It does not matter if the victim changes his or her story.   The “no drop policy” is a direct result of how serious society views the dangers of domestic violence.  Unfortunately, some people have learned that the system can be manipulated in order to get an upper hand in other legal matters or more control over a relationship.

A Defense Attorney with Knowledge and Experience

Domestic violence cases are more likely to go to trial than any other type of misdemeanor case due to the “no drop policy.”  You need an attorney with trial experience and you need an attorney who knows the different options that you have in domestic violence court.

Attorney Jane Weatherly has the knowledge and experience that you need in a domestic violence defense attorney.  She has helped hundreds of clients come to successful resolutions of domestic violence cases whether through trial or negotiation.  Additionally, Ms. Weatherly handles divorce cases that arise out of domestic violence restraining orders or criminal cases.  Ms. Weatherly frequently works in conjunction with divorce lawyers if a divorce case is pending.

Choosing the right attorney for your domestic violence case is an absolute necessity.  Call Jane Weatherly now at (919)758-9296 to schedule your free consultation.