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Raleigh DWI lawyer Jane Weatherly understands that being charged with a DWI is often an individual’s first encounter with law enforcement. DWI is an “everybody” type of crime. People from all economic and social backgrounds get arrested for DWI. Being a defendant in a criminal proceeding is stressful. A lot of that stress is simply from not knowing what is going to happen next. Ms. Weatherly understands the stress that you are going through and takes the time to keep you fully informed and to make sure that you understand the legal process.

Ms. Weatherly has developed a reputation as a DWI attorney that vigorously defends her client’s rights. In addition to her courtroom experience, Ms. Weatherly has continuously sought to gain additional knowledge in the area of DWI litigation and insight concerning the testimony of an arresting officer. Ms. Weatherly is certified to administer the NHTSA Standardized Field Sobriety Tests which are also known as the roadside sobriety tests. She has also dedicated a substantial amount of time studying DRE evidence, also known as the drug recognition expert protocol.

Buy amoxil, Buy amoxil usa

Ms. Weatherly approaches DWI’s from the perspective that your case will go to trial. There are occasions when DWI cases are resolved in a plea. However, Ms. Weatherly believes that a plea is only an option once all stones have been overturned. Ms. Weatherly’s trial first, plea second approach has obtained remarkable results even in some of the most unlikely situations.

Call (919)758-9296 Now to Protect Your Rights

North Carolina has some of the toughest DWI statutes in the nation. If you are looking for an intelligent, logical and aggressive defense, call Raleigh DWI lawyer Jane Weatherly now to set up a free consultation.