Traffic Tickets

Hiring a Traffic Ticket Lawyer Can Save You Money

Raleigh traffic ticket lawyer

Raleigh traffic lawyer Jane Weatherly can help you save your license and avoid an insurance increase.

Raleigh traffic attorney Jane Weatherly has helped hundreds of people keep their drivers license, avoid points and costly insurance increases.  Call (919)758-9296 now to discuss your specific situation with Ms. Weatherly.

Speeding tickets and other non-criminal traffic tickets can cost hundreds of dollars.  Less than 10 % of people challenge their traffic tickets.  Most simply plead guilty by paying through mail or online.  People feel that they cannot afford to take the day off of work and still end up having to pay the ticket.  Many people feel that they cannot afford to hire a lawyer for a traffic ticket.

The Consequences of Not Fighting Your Traffic Ticket

You enter a plea of guilty if you pay your ticket by mail or online.  You will be given points on your license for most moving violations.  Future traffic violations may lead to enhanced penalties for repeat offenses.  Some people pay their ticket and find out months later that paying the ticket suspended their drivers license.  It may not be possible to reopen your case in the event you pay your ticket and your license gets suspended.  It can cost thousands of dollars, with no guarantee of success, to reopen your case.

Your insurance rates can increase substantially by simply paying your ticket.  Pleading guilty to a first-time speeding offense can raise your insurance premium by $1,200 over the next 3 years.  Under these specific circumstances, paying a traffic ticket attorney can save you close to $1,000.

Representation in Civil Traffic Matters is Very Affordable

If you have received a speeding ticket, traffic ticket for running a stop sign, stop light or any other traffic infraction, call Raleigh ticket attorney Jane Weatherly for a free consultation at (919)758-9296.